If at first you don't succeed...

The commercial failure of the Wii U has driven Nintendo to make the Switch a success, says Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aimé.

Speaking to CNN, Fils-Aimé addressed some of the problems the Wii U faced during its short lifespan, such as poor marketing messages, an inconstant flow of games and dismal support from third parties.

The Wii U's unique feature was its GamePad controller, but many feel Nintendo didn't effectively communicate why this element was so innovative. Reggie says that getting the marketing right with Switch was paramount:

We worked hard for the Nintendo Switch to make it crystal clear what the proposition is. It's a home system that you can take on the go, play anywhere with anyone, and that's resonating.

Wii U also suffered from a lack of games, with months often passing between AAA first-party launches. Again, the NoA boss says the company has worked hard to ensure this doesn't happen with Switch:

We've addressed that with the Nintendo Switch -- having a steady pace of new launches is critical.

Finally, Fils-Aimé pointed out that Switch has received excellent games from a wide range of software partners - while admitting that the Wii U lacked this same "strong support" during its lifetime:

Whether it's the big companies like Electronic Arts, or whether it's the smaller independent developer, we need those companies to create content to support us. We have that now with Nintendo Switch.

Reggie and Nintendo have good reason to be positive about Switch, especially after the rocky patch that was the Wii U. Do you think Nintendo really has learned from past mistakes? Let us know with a comment.

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