Portal Knights is yet another intriguing title that's about to make its bow on the Nintendo Switch; eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that it's up for pre-loading on the eShop in Europe, and there are also full release details for North America.

The big release date is 23rd November in both territories, priced at £24.99 / $29.99USD. That's the download release date; there'll also be a physical retail release in North America but that doesn't arrive until 13th February 2018.

Check out the trailer and some details on Switch-specific features below.

  • Touch Screen Support: Players can tap and swipe the Nintendo Switch touch screen to manage and organize their inventory faster and more efficiently
  • Online Multiplayer: Play together and explore the expansive 3D sandbox world with friends and Nintendo Switch gamers around the world with up to four players in online multiplayer mode 
  • Wireless Play Support: Play in split screen up to four players by connecting two Nintendo Switch systems or in full screen up to four players by connecting four Nintendo Switch systems

Nintendo Switch players will also have immediate access to the recently released Portal Knights v1.2 update, which provides players access to brand new features and content including Vacant Islands, new boss quests and vanity items, new enemies and more.

In Portal Knights, players begin their journey as a Warrior, Mage or Ranger, then level up their character while gathering resources to craft powerful weapons, armor and spells to defeat formidable monsters and epic bosses in real-time combat. Players can work cooperatively with friends or family to build structures, explore dungeons and combine the unique attack styles of all classes to overcome challenging perils together while traveling between expansive, imaginative 3D worlds.

Is this a game that you're tempted to pick up on Switch?