Konami has updated its Switch launch title Super Bomberman R with a massive helping of new content.

The update includes:

  • New World 7 Story and bosses 
  • Nine New Characters 
  • New Unlockable Pets
  • New Playable Multiplayer Maps 
  • 3v3 Grand Prix mode
  • New Arena style Maps

The shiny new Grand Prix mode is a team versus mode where two teams of up to 3 players battle it out in various arenas with new characters blessed with unique special abilities. The mode includes two match types. In a "Crystal" match, two teams compete to earn points by collecting crystals. If you get hit by a bomb you lose half of your crystals. The “Basic Bomber” match sees two teams compete against each other using standard rules; each has a number of lives and you have to destroy your opponents to earn the most points before the timer gets to zero.

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