What could possibly make the idea of taking a game like Skyrim on the go any better? Throwing in some Zelda-related goodies will probably do it, but how do you get them?

For the uninitiated, there are three Zelda-themed items in the Switch version of Skyrim, namely Link's Champion Tunic, the Master Sword, and the Hylian Shield. It's an interesting addition and certainly adds a little bit of Nintendo fun into Bethesda's colossal northern world.

There are two ways in which they can be unlocked; right from the start using amiibo, as well as in-game through a gruelling challenge.

In order to unlock them you need to equip the amiibo power from your magic menu and press R as default to create a circle of light on the ground. Then simply scan any amiibo that represents a Zelda character or creature and a suspiciously Breath of the Wild-looking chest will appear.

The contents are randomised, but by scanning a Zelda amiibo as opposed to any other general amiibo you'll have a chance to find one of the three items we mentioned above.

If you're less endowed in the amiibo department you can also trek all the way to the very top of the Throat of the World, the highest peak in the game, where the three items will be waiting patiently for you.

Are you planning taking a breath of wild air during your time in Tamriel? Let us know down there in the comments.