Lock and load

Nintendo's critics have been saying that the Japanese company is on the rocks for years, and the term "Nintendoomed" is often lazily rolled out whenever the firm hits a bumpy patch in the road. 

The diminishing handheld market and the dismal Wii U era saw the phrase get used on several occasions, but since the success of the Switch we've not heard it uttered all that much - aside from people using it sarcastically on social media to poke fun at those who genuinely did think Nintendo was on its last legs not so long ago.

There's certainly some merit in employing this term in a humorous way, and that's exactly what Bethesda has done with its marketing for the upcoming Switch port of DOOM

The Spanish promotional material for the game uses the phrase "NINTENDOOM", along with the explanation that it is a "popular internet saying." While it's not quite a full match for "Nintendoomed" it's close enough to make sense, and is a playful way of poking fun at the naysayers.

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