Finnish indie game developer 10tons has been on a roll lately with the recent releases of Sparkle 2, Neon Chrome and JYDGE on the Switch eShop. Next up is Time Recoil, a twin-stick shooter that will launch on Switch this Thursday for $13.99. Euro pricing is to be confirmed.

In this one killing the baddies triggers time slowdown, and additional kills extend the slowdown period and charge a special move. The more the player is able to kill the more powerful the special move becomes, all the way to full time freeze.

In this tale of rebellion and revenge, the player is a member of a rebel organisation fighting against a mad scientist dictator, Mr. Time. The rebels use a time machine to travel through time to locate and eventually kill this foe before he finds the rebels and destroys them.

If you are a fan of twin-stick shooters this might be worth investigating later this week. Let us know if you are ready to take on the dreaded Mr. Time with a comment below.