SNES Mini.jpg

It's only been out around a month worldwide (29th September in NA / PAL, 5th October in Japan) but the Super NES Classic / Mini has already clocked up impressive sales. As part of his investor presentation Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima stated that the tiny system has had a global sell-through of two million units.

That figure, intriguingly, is already more than the NES Mini managed, primarily because the 8-bit throwback had such limited stock. It seems that Nintendo has delivered on its promise to get more SNES Mini units into stores than its predecessor, and additional stock is expected ahead of the busy Holiday shopping season. It was also reiterated that more NES Mini stock will be produced in 2018.

At present the SNES Mini is still hard to track down in stores at its recommended price, with plenty of scalpers at work. Here's hoping restocks will enable more eager buyers to get the system at the correct price over the next couple of months.