Red or dead?

The Nintendo Virtual Boy may have gone down in history as the company's grandest folly, but it's clear that there are many fans out there who feel it didn't get a fair crack of the whip. 

Team VUEngine is a group of Virtual Boy enthusastis who want to resurrect the failed console with a series of new homebrew titles. A Patreon crowdfunding campaign has been established to facilitate this endeavour, with the ultimate objective being to raise enough funds so the team can work full-time on creating new games for Gunpei Yokoi's misunderstood masterpiece, as well as making tools which will encourage other developers to support the system:

The ultimate goal is nothing less than to become full-time independent game developers and release regular new, high quality Virtual Boy games plus even better tools to create your own. 

We want to engage this amazing community to closer collaborate on bringing new high quality homebrew software to the Virtual Boy. Everybody can contribute in some way to make this possible. If not through code, assets, media coverage or such, you can now lend a hand through monthly monetary donations.

With your support, we want to further improve the VUEngine and create full games with it. Furthermore, we aim to make the engine even more accessible to other developers by completing the documentation, creating tutorials and building new tools.

Through this campaign, we hope to raise enough monthly donations to be able to work less on our jobs and instead spend that precious time working on cool Virtual Boy stuff. It would be absolutely incredible if we were able to turn our passion into a part-time or even full-time job. 

Will you be contributing? Or do you perhaps think the Virtual Boy is best left in the past, where it belongs? Whatever your perspective, we want to know - so be sure to post a comment.