The Switch eShop has been inundated with a whole slew of great games lately, our resident video producer Alex even argues that it's become a problem, in a nice way. Like any store, especially now that curation has evidently well and truly ended, there will also be releases that are less appealing. We'll have to wait and see which category Super Ping Pong Trick Shot falls under when it lands on Switch tomorrow.

As you can see in the trailer the concept is pretty simple, and it's aiming for a budget price point; here's a bit more info from the game page:

Try throwing a ball across a room filled with moving platforms and obstacles and into a cup!

Test your throwing skills across 80 challenges with mission and sub-mission objectives such as making the ball bounce twice, or using at least 75% power.

Use the L-Stick for traditional controls or the more energetic motion controls that simulate throwing a ball.

In addition to the single player Mission and Time Attack modes, there's also a 2 player competitive mode! Go head-to-head with a friend to see who can throw the most balls into the cup and use special items to get an advantage over your opponent!

Based upon the Nintendo of America game list (which isn't always 100% accurate ahead of the official download day), this one could have a lot of competition.