Wedding Singer.jpg

Ah, the Wii. The little system is now nearly 11 years old and was an outstanding commercial success; it also brought us a wonderful game library with plenty of titles that'll go down as Nintendo classics. Its broad appeal also made it ripe for various so-called 'casual' games, and despite the system being long since discontinued and replaced, a few franchises just can't let go.

Just Dance 2018 is one example, of course - it lacks the more modern features on Wii but has the basic modes and a budget price, and we bet it'll clock up respectable sales next week (otherwise Ubisoft wouldn't bother with the release). If singing is more your thing, though, then Let's Sing 2018 is out now - on Wii.

What's weird about this one is that it is coming to Switch, just not yet. So the launch trailer shows off the Wii box-art alongside the PS4; they're natural buddies, of course.

They're pretty simple games, as you sing along to music videos and cause an outrage of public decency in the process; trust us, your neighbours are not having as much fun as you are.

So, dust off the Wii and sing badly, you know you want to... No?!