One of the most notable third party releases coming up for the Switch later this year is DOOM, which held up really well in our hands-on preview; an impressive feat for the diminutive system.

While we knew that the game was targeted for a Q4 release this year, Bethesda has revealed today that the launch date will be 10th November. In addition to this a new id Software developer video has been released by Nintendo, which you can view above. 

In it creative director Hugo Martin and executive producer Marty Stratton discuss the features that players will experience in DOOM on Nintendo Switch, including the full single-player campaign, Arcade Mode, and the entire suite of Multiplayer maps and modes, including all previously released DLC content. They also go into further depth about working with developer Panic Button to ensure DOOM on Nintendo Switch feels fast, brutal, and true to the experience gamers have loved on other platforms.

Let us know if you are ready to bring the pain to the host of demonic hordes in November with a comment below.