Cyber Gadget - the company behind the Retro Freak console - has revealed the Retro Freak Basic, a new model which only plays SNES and Super Famicom cartridges out of the box.

The Retro Freak Basic comes in two packs - the Economy set (10,778 Yen, around $96) is just the unit itself with no controller or HDMI cable, while the Standard set (14,018 Yen, around $125) comes with one pad and a HDMI lead.

While this unit is focused on Nintendo's famous 16-bit system, cartridge adapters (like those already available) are in the works which will allow it to play games for other consoles, which suggests that the internal tech is basically identical to the original Retro Freak.

But that's not all! Cyber Gadget is also releasing an arcade stick, which launches in the winter.


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[source japanesenintendo.com]