Here's one to file under 'random announcement of the day'. You see, Batman - The Telltale Series has been listed on retail sites for quite some time with a 17th November release date, but Telltale didn't seem to say anything. You could look through the studio's social media accounts, official website and so on, and there wasn't a whisper of confirmation. Nevertheless we included it in our 'biggest games of 2017' list because, well, there was no reason to believe those retailers were all telling porkies.

In any case, Telltale has now come out with an announcement, tweeting the happy news; North America's release is a few days earlier than anticipated.

It's worth noting this is the complete first series, with the second currently underway on other platforms - The Enemy Within is currently up to episode two. Switch is playing catch-up, then, but hopefully when season two finishes the Switch will be included in any retail 'complete' editions.

Are you tempted to pick this up?