Mario headphones.jpg

Just recently Nintendo confirmed that Super Mario Run would be getting a big update this week with new content in addition to a notable discount on both iOS and Google. It was dated for 29th September but has already started to roll out.

We've been able to download the update from Google Play in the UK, so it's worth checking the store and seeing if it's already available in your territory. It was only a little over 30MB, but be warned that the game does a further data download when you open it, so ideally you should have plenty of download allocation left or wait until you get to a Wi-Fi spot.

The headline arrival is the Remix 10 area; these are batches of 10 randomly generated mini stages in which you try to grab Rainbow Coins. You don't need to own the game to play this, but you need to spend an in-game ticket for each round. You unlock various collectables for your town and it's made up of multiple zones; Daisy as an unlockable character looks to be the grand prize at the end. You can quit and save progress between rounds, thankfully.

Another addition for all players is the option to mute the music and play your own, with characters wearing headphones. If you own the game, the extra bonus is an additional world to play at the end of the main campaign.

The discount is already live - £4.99 / €5.49 in Europe - so if you're tempted to take the plunge now is as good a time as any; it'll go back to the full price on 12th October.

Let us know if you'll be giving this update a try.

Our thanks to Matt for the heads up!