Super Mario Run was relatively successful for Nintendo on iOS and then Android, though it perhaps struggled to hit its expected heights; having a 'premium' mobile price didn't help.

There are no deadlines with reviving mobile projects, however, and Nintendo seems keen to give the game another push. Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that a new world, mode and playable character are on the way in a 29th September update. On that same date the app will get a discount.

As for what the new mode entails, Eurogamer has outlined some specifics. Daisy will be the unlockable playable character, and you 'rescue' her by clearing Remix 10; in this mode you collect Rainbow Coins across small snippets from 10 different levels; with these sections changing each time you play the mode. A new world will also be added to the campaign - World Star - which will have nine levels once you clear the first six worlds.

Finally, you can play your own music while in the app, with characters having the cute touch of wearing headphones as you do so.

It's a decently sized update, then, and the discount may just tempt more players to take the plunge. Will you be checking this out?