If you've ever wished you were more popular with members of the opposite sex then Inti Creates' Gal Gun 2 might be the game for you; it's headed to the Switch eShop later this year.

The Gal Gun series revolves around an "unlucky" young man who accidentally becomes supernaturally popular with girls. His mission: find his one true love! However, the girls at the academy all want their chance too, and will do whatever they can to express their love; he must use his new weapon, the Pheromone Shot, to fend off their advances by giving them euphoria.

Gal Gun games have sold over 200,000 copies worldwide, bringing laughs, shenanigans, and pantsu to fans around the world. With the same silly and irreverent style, but new characters and mechanics, Gal Gun 2 is said to represent a 'big step forward' for the series. Big enough for a number, even! This is actually the 4th game in the Gal Gun series.

This sounds like a particularly bonkers - but potentially fun - title; head over to our game page to check out some screenshots of the game and let us know what you think with a comment below.