Sorry fight fans, there's no Neo Geo one-on-one fighting game from SNK next week as Hamster is instead choosing to bring to the Switch eShop the very first game Data East developed for MVS hardware.

1993's Spinmaster (known as Miracle Adventure in Japan) lets you take control of Johnny and Tom in their quest to rescue Mary and get the five pieces of a mysterious treasure map from an evil organization lead by one Dr. De Playne. While the plot - even by 1993 standards - isn't exactly award-winning material, the frantic gameplay and humour certainly was perfect coin-munching material, with a mandatory mine cart section included for good measure.

If the game's art style is giving you a sort of retro déjà vu, then it is quite possible you were a fan of Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja. This was no coincidence since it was the same team at Data East that developed both games and, if not for the different setting, Spinmaster could easily pass as a game of in that series.

Spinmaster will be released on Thursday September 14th on the Switch eShop. Did you ever encounter this one back in the arcades? Will you give it a spin next week?