Hack the planet!

Those of you lucky enough to have gotten your hands on the NES Classic may well have been tempted to hack the system in order to load up hundreds and hundreds of additional games thanks to a program called hakchi2. The process - which is entirely reversible - also allows you to pull in box artwork so you can maintain that slick UI experience.

With the SNES Classic on the horizon you may well be wondering if it's possible to hack that console and load up more games. The good news is that - hypothetically at least - the process should be exactly the same.

We've been speaking to ClusterM, the genius behind hakchi2, and based on the SNES Mini specs and data he's seen so far, it would seem that it can be hacked just like its forerunner, and Nintendo hasn't introduced any measures which would prevent someone from accessing the inner workings of the device via the Micro USB port - the essential entry point for this particular hack.

We've not been brave enough to test hakchi2 on the SNES Mini yet as the unit we have is for review purposes, but the signs are very good that Nintendo's new micro-console will be able to host more than the 21 games it ships with. 

The question is, will you take advantage of this hack when your unit arrives later this month, or are you totally against this kind of shadowy practice? Tell us with a comment below.