Veteran video game accessory company Hori is getting in on the nostalgia game by producing a new version of its classic Super Famicom 'Fighting Commander' controller to coincide with the arrival of the Super Famicom Mini.

The wireless pad is based on the '90s original and features slow-motion and auto-fire switches, as well as the usual selection of buttons required to play all of those lovely 16-bit classics. 

The unique thing about the controller is that it lays out all six action buttons - including the L and R shoulder buttons - on the front of the pad, which is ideal for games like Street Fighter II - hence the pad's name. 

As luck would have it, Super Street Fighter II is one of the 21 titles included on the Super Famicom Mini; on the SNES Classic Mini, we have Street Fighter II Turbo instead.


Sadly, the controller is only available for pre-order in Japan at present. It's due for release on October 5th in that region, and it's not known if Hori has plans to bring the product to the west at this time. 

Seeing as the pad will almost certainly work on all variants of Nintendo's upcoming micro console, will you be tempted to import?

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