New Nintendo 3DS

With each passing day, it seems that Nintendo Switch becomes an increasingly more important part of Nintendo’s plans, while the 3DS proportionally becomes more and more irrelevant. The release of Metroid: Samus Returns helps stem this, but there’s still a lingering feeling that the platform is on its last legs. Perhaps as part of a good will gesture on Nintendo’s behalf, the company has opted to put out a brand-new software update.

Don’t let all the dashes and decimal points fool you, this is every bit a worthy system update that all 3DS owners should be rushing to download. Among the most notable improvements made in this new update is the introduction of StabilityTM, a never-before-seen feature designed exclusively for the 3DS that supposedly ‘enhances the user experience’. We certainly like the sounds of that, and although we haven’t noticed many changes to the 3DS interface—we haven’t noticed any, really—surely differences exist. Just keep looking.

What do you think? What will this new stability bring to the 3DS interface? What other exciting new features do you think will be added next time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.