Do you have fond memories of the N64 era of gaming, where limited edition translucent consoles were all the rage? It's mind-boggling why this isn't so much of a thing these days - who wouldn't want to see the internal gubbins of their electronics as they play their favourite game?

Step in AliExpress seller MYRIANN, who have this rather lovely clear replacement housing for not only the Switch Joy-Con, but the Switch tablet itself. While opening your Switch up will invalidate the warranty and you might need a degree in electronics to correctly put it back together again, we have to admit the end results look pretty good.

Or then again, you might wish to skip modding the Switch tablet and just add a bit of bling to your Joy-Con. Even our video producer Alex was able to Switch the Joy-Con shells, so it must be easy!


It's amazing what you can buy on the web these days. Let us know what you think about this custom Switch shell with a comment below.