Headaches incoming

Whatever your opinion on the current state of Virtual Reality, the technology is certainly gaining a lot of attention of late, with efforts by Sony, Samsung, HTC and Oculus all capturing the attention of the media and general public. 

It's probably too early to say if VR is going to cause the revolution it has long promised in the gaming arena, but it would seem that Nintendo - despite not having its own headset yet - continues to keep its options open.

Dataminer Cody Brocious has found references to Virtual Reality in the Switch's Interprocess communication (IPC) interfaces, hinting that the company has at least left the door open for future VR support on the system:

The idea of VR on Switch isn't new and we've seen a few hints in the past, but before you get your hopes up, it's worth noting that this code could simply be left over from previous internal experiments conducted at Nintendo. Code of this nature is peppered with things which don't necessarily lead anywhere.

However, if Nintendo did decide to enter the VR arena in the next few years, it has made sure the Switch can at least support it from a coding level. 

As Carnegie Mellon University professor and game designer Jesse Schell said back in 2016, Nintendo could be the prime candidate to drive the VR revolution in the same way it scored hits with the Game Boy and Nintendo DS; technologically humble platforms which nevertheless sold like hotcakes to the mainstream market.

[source gamingreinvented.com]