ARMS Manga

ARMS is one of the newest IP’s in Nintendo’s deep stable of franchises and although it may not have been quite the homerun that the company was hoping for, it’s still a great game that has plenty of free additional content to look forward to. It seems likely that at some point, Nintendo will want to build this game into a larger franchise and perhaps make more sequels and other merchandise, but it looks like Japanese magazine CoroCoro has beaten them to the punch.

CoroCoro recently launched a new gag manga about ARMS; the first chapter was launched in the latest issue of the magazine. If you’re curious what it looks like, you can find a preview of it here. We’re not sure how long this one is going to run for, or really what kind of stories it’ll tell, but it’s a fascinating distraction to be sure, and it’s good to see that ARMS is catching on a little more in Japan.

What do you think? Are you still playing ARMS? What other Nintendo franchises should get a manga? Share your thoughts in the comments below.