Given the console's portability and the versatile Joy-Cons, it's always great to see local multiplayer titles announced for the Switch; today's Nindies Showcase was no exception. Played by thieves and outcasts by candlelight in shady taverns, Light Fingers is a competitive board game for any budding scoundrels out there.

With support for up to four players, you take it in turns to manipulate a procedurally-generated clockwork board with the simple aim of scoring lots of loot while dodging traps and outplaying your opponents. You're able to manipulate the entire game by interfering with the active player's turn, using powerful cards and activating traps to crush their dungeon runs. 

These opportunities for misdirection are sure to cause a hilarious ruckus during local multiplayer sessions, especially with the ability to play anywhere using tabletop mode. We'll get ready to betray our friends and go for the ultimate treasure once the game launches first on Switch in early 2018.

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