Hats off to 'pacnsacdave' for this ingenious bit of graphical hacking. Bringing the over the top action of Hyrule Warriors to the humble NES hardware seems like quite a stretch, but thanks to this well implemented complete graphics overall of Tengen's NES conversion of Atari's ageless classic Gauntlet, one might be fooled into thinking this is its own game.

Warrior, Elf, Wizard and Valkyrie are replaced with Zelda, Impa, Lana and Link. All the enemies have been turned into denizens of Hyrule and the dungeons have been repainted with more familiar Hyrulian land features. The end result is a game that feels familiar for both The Legend of Zelda and Gauntlet fans, and somewhat captures the one-versus-one-thousand essence of Team Omega's "Musou" series. You can check the whole thing in motion in the gameplay video below.

Hilariously, the classic voice samples remain unchanged, as such the accidental event of hearing Princess Zelda grunt like the Warrior and Lana grump like the old man Mage quickly turns into the best kind of unplanned comic relief. If you happen to have one of Tengen's famously unlicensed NES cartridges of Gauntlet lying around, you can give the patch a try here. It will work with your RetroN 5 or Retro Freak modern alternate consoles. Be warned that we stumbled upon a bug where the bonus room timer stopped counting down, getting us stuck halfway into one session. Hopefully pacnsacdave is aware of the issue.

Now we just sit back and wait until someone turns Mindscape's Gauntlet 2 into Fire Emblem Warriors, while at the same time pondering why no one has figured out that the Nintendo Switch is the perfect platform for four player Gauntlet sessions.