Wonderful 101.jpg

This week's new set of goodies on My Nintendo in North America is designed to promote Flip Wars, which arrived on the Switch eShop in the region last week. Even if that title isn't to everyone's taste, one discount in particular may prove tempting to some.

Below are the 'Battle Inspired' offers on My Nintendo in North America.

  • The Wonderful 101 (Wii U) - 30% discount for 70 Gold Points
  • Tank Troopers (3DS eShop) - 30% discount for 30 Gold Points
  • Smash Controller App (3DS eShop) - 10 Gold Points
  • Flip Wars Wallpaper - 50 Platinum Points
  • Tank Troopers Wallpaper - 50 Platinum Points

Are any of you North Americans tempted by these rewards?

[source my.nintendo.com]