We've covered some pretty unique Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitches in the past, but this latest one is interesting for the fact that it allows you to experience the game in an entirely different way.

With some deft save state tinkering, it's possible to exit the Shrine of Resurrection without picking up the all-important Sheikah Slate - perhaps the single most useful item in the entire game. The Slate controls runes and also serves as your map of Hyrule, after all. If you fancy trying the game without it, follow these steps:

  1. Start a new game, and save that game when you're in the Shrine of Resurrection BEFORE picking up the Slate
  2. Open a save file where you’re outside of the Shrine of Resurrection and head towards a ledge (you can create an ice block to do this)
  3. Press A to climb down, and then pause at the same moment
  4. Reload the save in the Shrine of Resurrection. If done correctly, Link should collapse the second he wakes up in the Shrine of Resurrection
  5. And voila, he’s now outside the Shrine minus Sheikah Slate!

Thankfully, despite the lack of Slate, you'll still be able to use runes, control Divine Beasts and interact with terminals in the game world. However, there are some things which make playing a bit harder. The lack of a map means you can't teleport, so you've got to walk everywhere - and that increases the chances of meeting danger on the way, making this quite a tough way to play. Without the Slate time doesn't seem to pass in the game, either. That could be considered a bonus, because that means there are no Blood Moons.

The most interesting thing about this glitch is that it's entirely reversible - if you get fed up of not having the Slate you can simply revisit the Shrine of Resurrection and pick is up.

Have you already tried this glitch? Let us know with a comment.

[source gamingreinvented.com]