Indie developer Cornfox & Bros recently ported its successful smartphone action adventure Oceanhorn to the Nintendo Switch, and while the game wasn't quite up to the standard of the title it seeks to emulate, it sure looks pretty in motion - which bodes well for future smartphone ports on the console.

Heikki Repo, Creative Director and Co-founder of Cornfox & Bros, has been speaking to Gearnuke about Nintendo's system, and feels that it has a "bright future" ahead thanks to its support for Unreal Engine 4:

Oceanhorn was first released on mobile hardware, so it was very flexible game to port for mobile based Nintendo Switch. I see bright future for Nintendo Switch, as it has a support for Unreal Engine 4 for example and we are currently spearheading the mobile development on UE4 with Oceanhorn 2.

Of course, the Switch is already less powerful than both the Xbox One and PS4, which is a situation that developers are already coming to terms with, with impressive results. However, mobile tech improves at a much faster rate than home console tech, with a new leading chipset arriving on an almost yearly basis. Logic would dictate that your average smartphone or tablet will outclass Switch in the not-too-distant future, but Repo thinks this shouldn't make too much of a difference to smart indie developers:

Some indie developers don’t care much about saving resources, but it is everything for us as we are developing for mobile first (or parallel development), so our games have been optimized right from the beginning. This way we can add stuff for higher-end platforms later on. Nintendo Switch is already couple of years old hardware (NVIDIA Tegra X1), so latest iOS devices that we use for development are already more powerful than Switch. But developing mobile first helps and Oceanhorn 2 is going to look great on Switch, when the time comes!

Are you looking forward to seeing Oceanhorn 2 on Switch? Are you worried about smartphones overtaking the Switch in terms of processing power? Share your thoughts below.