NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playgrounds has been a somewhat divisive game for the Nintendo Switch. On one hand, it’s offered an enjoyable local multiplayer arcade experience that showcases the strengths of the Switch quite well, but it also suffered a bit from offering less features than other versions and these features have been slow to arrive for the platform. Even so, there’s plenty to enjoy here, and Saber Interactive recently announced that even more is on the way.

In a press release sent out earlier, it was revealed that the game has sold over 500,000 units across all platforms. How much of this was on the Switch is unknown, but that number has certainly spurred the developers on to keep supporting the game with new content. 33 new players are due to arrive by the end of the summer, along with various balance and quality of life tweaks to make the game more fun, and a new three-point contest mode for online play. Though it’s due out by the end of the summer, the content is coming to Switch at a later date, but hopefully the wait won’t be as long as it was for the online mode.

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