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Ah, Mighty No. 9. Keiji's Infaune's Kickstarter smash was born in a blaze of hype, but the end result wasn't quite what people were expecting when they gleefully pledged their cash back in 2013.

At least Comcept is following through on its promises, even if they're a little late. During the campaign, a special premium tier was offered to those who pledged $60 or more (that was 16,155 backers, as it happens). This would bag you a Famicom-style box and manual. It has taken until now for Comcept to actually get these items out to people, and just like the game, backers are pretty unimpressed.

For starters, you have to assemble the box yourself (there's no game inside, the reward was just the packaging). Once you've done that, you then discover that the manual doesn't actually fit inside the box.


Mighty No. 9 is yet to launch on the 3DS, but Comcept is assuring backers that it's still happening.

Are you one of the lucky backers who has just received this rather dubious reward? Share your disappointment (or otherwise) by posting a comment.