One of the standout early arrivals on the Switch eShop has been Kamiko, a stylish budget-priced title that we enjoyed a lot in our review. It's proven to be a bit of a success, highlighted recently as it placed fourth in the Japanese eShop charts covering the period since the Switch launch.

It was published in the West by Flyhigh Works, assisted by CIRCLE Entertainment, and Kamiko's developers will also bring their next game - Picontier - to the Switch as well. Now Chris Chau, co-founder and CEO of CIRCLE Entertainment, has given us an update on Kamiko's sales figures, along with a more information and assets for Picontier.

You can see this update below.

Kamiko was developed by @skipmore and @Kan_Kikuchi - they are a 2 person team that spent 4 months on its development. It's an original title and Switch exclusive. The game has sold over 110K copies in the Switch eShop around the world, and was published by Flyhigh Works with assistance from CIRCLE Entertainment.

In terms of sales percentages, Japan is 25% (and it was #4 in Japan for the first half year of sales), US is 48%, EU+AU is about 27%.

The game has sold in Japan about 3 months, US/EU/AU it's 2.5 months. So far the US is the biggest market, however the Eastern market still has a lot of users we can't ignore.

We are usually thinking about why some local titles perform better than Western titles in Japan, and we think most of the reasoning comes back to game pricing, localization and local PR. Of course it's case by case, but regardless I think the Eastern market deserves attention from developers. Also we know many Chinese gamers may purchase a Switch from Hong Kong, so we've suggested to the developers that they should consider a Chinese language pack.


Back to the developers @skipmore and @kan_Kikuchi, they've been focused on Picontier. The game has been announced for Switch and they're working on the design; we are targeting this year for release.

The game content will be richer than previous Skipmore titles. The developers have studied and learned a lot from developing Kamiko to aid development of Picontier.  I have updated some images that you can find in past tweets by @skipmore. Please understand that the game is still in development, so we are trying to modify it time after time, these are not final screenshots and the game is still being tested.

Picontier is a slow-living miniscape RPG; you're living on the island, spend time farming, crafting, mining and fishing. The battles in the island are also important; this is the first time for @skipmore and @Kan_Kikuchi that they try to develop something different with their unique art style. I won't say it's an open world game, but it does allow you to do many things; personally, I cant wait to play it!

Have you tried out Kamiko yet, and are you interested in Picontier? Let us know what you think down in the comments.