We've been pretty clear on where we stand with regards to the initial launch of the Nintendo Switch Online app - we like Splatnet 2 a lot, but the voice chat functionality is woefully undercooked. We've also shared thoughts on the basic features that can revive the app and make it a useful part of our Switch gaming routine, too.

Now a gentleman called Miguel Trias has shared some concept screens showcasing how the app could be easier to use and multi-functional. Shared initially on Reddit and received very warmly, there are now some high-res images that show it in practice.

The key screens relate to how the app could handle details such as showing friends online and hooking up for voice chat. The obvious addition is text chat, which would be a surefire way to get around the current inability to communicate properly with potential voice chat buddies.

App1.png© Miguel Trias
App2.png© Miguel Trias
App3.png© Miguel Trias
App4ONE.png© Miguel Trias

There's also the idea to include some other Switch features in the app, like the 'News' tab.

App5.png© Miguel Trias

Another feature we like is integrated eShop support, to browse and buy games before triggering their download to the linked system. Nintendo already does this through its websites, so it's a logical step.

App6.png© Miguel Trias
App7.png© Miguel Trias
App8.png© Miguel Trias
App9.png© Miguel Trias

The key to the concepts here is that they're not unrealistic. The Nintendo Account infrastructure, and some of Nintendo's existing services, can do all of this already. The only parts of the concept in the gallery we're not sure of is the option to browse Switch galleries (from the share button captures) and to access system settings such as data management; we're not sure Nintendo would bring those features to the app, but it's all speculation regardless.

It's a nice clean representation, in any case, of how the Nintendo Switch Online app could be rather good. Here's hoping the coming months will bring the updates that it needs.

[source reddit.com, via imgur.com]