Sometimes remakes arrive that, well, not many people have asked for. We suspect Penguin Wars falls into that category, or Penguin-kun Wars as it's known in Japan. It was a 1985 release for Arcades, MSX and the Famicom in Nintendo's homeland, and plays out rather like a game of peculiar table hockey.

Take a look at the 8-bit original below.

The basic goal is to get all of your balls to the other side, or have the least on your side when time runs out; you can stun opponents, while there are multiple modes and variables. It's not just penguins, either, as others include a cow, rabbit, bat and rat, with each animal having strengths and weaknesses.

Famitsu magazine has confirmed that a remake will come to Switch in Japan this Autumn / Fall. There'll be new modes to support additional players (up to 4), remixed music, with local and online multiplayer options in addition to a story mode.

We're intrigued, in any case, just because it looks so peculiar; it might be time to setup that Japanese eShop account.

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