There was a moment during our E3 2017 Nintendo Spotlight live blog when the updates stopped, just for about 30 seconds. That's because this writer, who'd fantasized very publicly about Metroid Prime 4 in the pre-broadcast blog, was trying not to lose his mind. Nintendo only showed a logo, but for long-suffering Metroid fans it was arguably enough - a new game in the series is coming to Switch.

There's a terrific video that captures the same moment from the public screening of the Spotlight at the Nintendo NY store. Posted on YouTube by KirbyGCN17 (which we saw via @Phazon4G on Twitter), you can see those in attendance flip out. It's awesome to see, and admittedly a little amusing when they realise the following 'first look' segment was for Yoshi, not Prime IV.

Was this your 'moment' of the Nintendo Spotlight? Let us know in the comments.