We're still trying to get to the bottom of where Physical Contact: SPEED came from, as the game was supposed to launch today as part of the weekly Switch eShop download in Europe but it's currently (at the time of writing) listed with a release date of 'TBD' on the actual store; we've asked Nintendo for information. In the meantime we offer you the game's trailer above.

Those of you who are experiencing deja vu right now will be forgiven; the trailer calls to mind the very worst of Wii U shovelware, but this time, it's on the Switch

Considering that Nintendo has been curiously strict about which games are allowed on the Switch eShop, this looks like an odd choice. Adorable little girls pretending to play on a Switch aside, the clip makes absolutely no attempt to hide the fact that it's just the Japanese trailer with a new intro - there's even Japanese text shown in the game. It doesn't leave a good impression.

After weeks of getting high-quality eShop releases it would seem that the floodgates have finally opened; whether or not we'll encounter a deluge of poor titles remains to be seen.