Hey! Pikmin, so far, doesn't seem to be generated a huge amount of buzz ahead of its July release. Developed by Arzest, this portable spin-off - tellingly not called Pikmin 4 - adopts a 2D approach to the exploration, puzzle solving and combat for which the series is known. We remained sort of on the fence after we went hands on recently.

Nintendo has now released a Japanese overview trailer for the game, which gives us a good luck at gameplay and the implementation of amiibo. In addition to simple puzzle solving you seem to be able to take some enemies out with a single Pikmin throw, making them basic projectile weapons in some cases; bosses naturally need more effort to take down. We also see amiibo usage - the new Pikmin amiibo summons little assistants when needed, but other amiibo appear as items to retrieve in game, which are then presumably converted into resources.

Check it out below.

Are you intrigued by Hey! Pikmin, or is it yet to grow on you?