We love The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but that doesn't mean it's a game well suited to every bit of merchandise that marketers can dream up. It's now the subject of a pricey and limited edition leather jacket; its beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder.

Produced by Musterbrand, this €369.00 jacket will only have a run of 300 pieces. You can see some pictures and official blurb below.

The Breath of the Wild limited Leather Jacket is the ultimate armor for the Hyrule adventurer. Made of an exquisite, soft-to-the-touch lamb leather, the jacket is contoured for a comfortable fit. The cross details along the arms and chest translate Hyrule's style into contemporary fashion, while the symbol of the Sheikah embroidered on the back signals your journey to other watchful adventurers. Inside hides a photorealistic, full-color art print of the hero himself.

BoTW jacket.jpg
Image: Musterbrand
BoTW jacket2.jpg
Image: Musterbrand
BoTW jacket3.jpg
Image: Musterbrand
BoTW jacket4.jpg
Image: Musterbrand

This writer's opinion is that this jacket screams of mid-life crisis, but that's just one viewpoint!

Would you spend a lot of rupees on this jacket?

[source musterbrand.com]