This week's big release isn't in stores, as it is The Master Trials DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild; for those that have paid out on the Expansion Pass on Wii U or Nintendo Switch it's finally time to enjoy some new content.

For players keen to play the game yet again (like this writer) there'll be the Hard Mode, and a big attraction is the Trial of the Sword, which is about 45 rooms of challenges to tackle in order to have a permanently charged up Master Sword. Along with a few other features there'll also be new outfits, which are the focus of a series of official articles from Nintendo.

In these features key members of the development team introduce these outfits and give some context around their creation. In the Korok Mask post we learn a bit more about how the idea for having the little creatures in the game came together.

Korok mask.png

In the Phantom Armor post we're given some background and history on how these characters featured in the DS games.

Phantom Armour.jpg

Are you looking forward to the Breath of the Wild DLC this week?

[source zelda.com, via zelda.com]