Nintendo Switch Online

It certainly divided the fanbase when Nintendo announced that it would be following Microsoft and Sony into the realm of mandating a fee in order to play online. Given Nintendo’s spotty track history with online, some decried the decision and claimed that it wouldn’t offer enough value for the monthly fee. While this still has yet to be determined, Nintendo recently shared more information around what we can expect from the service when it launches.

For starters, Nintendo Switch Online will no longer be launching in the fall, it’s been pushed back to 2018. As a result, the period in which online will be free has been extended. The service will cost $20 per year, and if you don’t want to commit to that much, it’ll run you $8 for three months or $4 for one month. The mobile app will be launching alongside the service and will require a subscription to use, but a free, stripped down version will be made available sometime this summer. 

Finally, Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight, and Dr. Mario have all been confirmed for the classic game giveaway, which will now give subscribers access to "download a compilation of classic titles with added online play", with Nintendo dropping the previous plans for just one game per month.

What do you think? Will you be signing up for this? Do you think it’ll offer enough value? Share your thoughts in the comments below.