Nintendo has continued its series of articles providing a countdown to this week's DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this time profiling Midna's Helmet.

First of all, the helmet will allow for "Guardian Resist Up" in the game, which is always handy. One neat screen from the article shows Link in the helmet along with the Wolf Link buddy (unlocked by scanning the relevant amiibo).

Midna helmet.jpg
Image: Nintendo
Link Midna.jpg
Image: Nintendo

This post also gives some interesting background on Midna as a character. It turns out that she evolved from a 'goblin/devilkin' design that was produced for a 'secret project' worked on before Twilight Princess. You can see examples below.

'Initial design still had a lot of that "goblin" feel.'
Image: Nintendo
'A later concept closer to the final Midna design.'
Image: Nintendo

Amusingly, early builds needing a companion to ride on Wolf Link (as a placeholder) used a familiar character while designers worked on Midna.

Creating a "buddy" character who would stay next to Link at all times and battle in tandem with him was a first for a Legend of Zelda game. The challenge started with brainstorming among designers for ideas, and we eventually finalized this character through a trial-and-error process for her shape, facial expressions, actions, etc.

In early prototypes, as a placeholder for Midna, Tetra from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was riding on Wolf Link as he ran around Hyrule.

Tomorrow's post will focus on the Tingle outfit, which should be interesting.