During Sony's E3 press conference Capcom's eagerly awaited Monster Hunter: World was finally announced. This entry in the series isn't coming to Nintendo Switch, however; it's scheduled for launch on the PS4 and Xbox One in early 2018 with a PC release to follow at a later date.

Given that a port of Monster Hunter XX is headed to Switch in Japan, many Nintendo fans have been optimistic that future instalments in the series might make the leap over to Nintendo's portable powerhouse. World, very much a Western-centric entry based on the reveal, isn't making that move and is getting a simultaneous global release. It's not the first Monster Hunter game to come to PlayStation and Xbox (far from it), but there's little doubt it's the most high profile to date.

It sounds like Monster Hunter: World will be a significant change from those that have come before, with easy drop-in/out multiplayer and a living, breathing ecosystem which models day and night cycles. The landscape and environment will take a much bigger role in how the player can tackle the various quests, with aspects such as stealth showcased.

The question is whether World is a new take on the series / spin-off designed to cater to home console gamers in the West and Japan, or whether it is essentially 'Monster Hunter 5'. Considering the importance of portable play to the series in Japan, it may be that it's the former; that said, plenty of eyes are now on Capcom and what MH content it is bringing to Switch in the West.

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