Capcom has officially announced the existence of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, which was outed by a Korean rating back in April and as expected includes Mega Man 7Mega Man 8Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10. Unfortunately it won't be coming to Nintendo Switch or 3DS, despite the fact Mega Man 7 was even a SNES exclusive while 9 & 10 had WiiWare versions. You'll need a PS4, Xbox One or PC to enjoy this compilation.

This collection follows in the footsteps of the 2015 original, which was released on the 3DS as well as other systems. Here is some PR blurb which explains some of the bonus goodies in this classic game compilation:

A compilation of four timeless adventures in one package, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 features the most recent entries in the classic side-scrolling series. The collection also includes a Museum jam-packed with history and production art, challenge remix stages for long-time fans, and first-timer friendly options like added armour and checkpoint saves for easy reload. Journey through the later entries in the series with these four titles: Mega Man 7 introduced mysterious rival Bass and his companion Treble, while Mega Man 8 featured the series’ first impressively animated and fully voiced cutscenes; Mega Man 9 marked the series’ return to its roots with 8-bit visuals, music, and gameplay; Mega Man 10 retained these features and included three playable character options.

We do find it a bit bizarre that Capcom has overlooked Nintendo platforms for games which - with the exception of Mega Man 8 - were exclusive to or well received on Nintendo hardware. Of course Capcom also recently passed on releasing its Disney Afternoon Collection on the Switch or 3DS.

Are you disappointed with this news, or perhaps unsurprised? Let us know.