Own a Nintendo Switch? Fancy using your classic GameCube controller with it? Well, thanks to Mayflash's GameCube Adapter you can now achieve this interface dream.

The catch is that the adapter needs to be updated with new firmware (this only works on PC at the moment, you can't use a Mac to update it) and that you can only plug in a single pad - if you try plugging in more controllers into the other three ports they will all be assigned as player one.

According to YouTube user Hi, My Name Is Alex, there are limits to this approach:

The GameCube controller emulates a Pokken controller. That means that the D-pad and Analog Stick BOTH work as a D-pad. If a Switch game is playable with the D-pad, you can play it with a GameCube controller. BOTW is a no-go. The C-stick doesn't work as a stick, instead left and right function as the + and - buttons. 

For best results, plug the adapter into the Switch dock, then turn it on. Use the GameCube controller BEFORE using any Joy-con or Switch Pro Controller. You can navigate the Switch menu with the GameCube controller just fine. After making sure the GameCube controller is responding, THEN connect any normal Switch controllers.

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Let us know if this is the answer to your gaming prayers (or if you're perfectly happy with your Pro Controller or 8Bitdo pad, thanks very much) by posting a comment below.

Thanks to SLIGEACH_EIRE for the tip!