Death Squared is another interesting title heading to the Switch eShop, having previously landed on other current-gen systems and PC. It's a co-op puzzle game that allows up to four players, which will work nicely with the local multiplayer focus of the Switch.

Developer SMG Studio has now confirmed a 13th July release date (it costs $19.99USD on other systems), so it's not too far away. The Switch version will also have some exclusive content - check out the trailer and details below.

Escort a colorful crew of cuboid companions through an insidious science facility where danger lurks around every corner. To find a way through this murderous maze and escape to safety, players must hone their communication skills and solve puzzles through a process of trial and error, as the game introduces new rules and mechanics tailored around teamwork. 

Each robot must make it to their respective color-coded waypoint, navigating past deadly devices like spikes, lasers and other nefarious traps. While one false move can spell death for the entire team, as every player must survive to progress, every misstep comes with newfound knowledge and an instant respawn to put that information to use.  

On top of featuring a campaign with 80 single-to-two-player story levels, 40 up-to-four-player party stages and unlockable vault content, Death Squared's Nintendo Switch release will feature all-new puzzles unseen in the previously-released PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One versions.

Are you looking forward to this one on the Switch eShop?