We already know that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a few interesting glitches which can be exploited to benefit the player and even break the game, but this latest discovery is perhaps the most interesting one yet.

It has been found that by getting enemies to shoot a certain number of arrows you can totally mess up the game's memory management. When enough arrows are present in the game world at any one time it triggers some interesting quirks - including a glitched character model of Link in the inventory menu.


However, more important than this is the fact is that equipment loading goes a bit bonkers; by changing the selected equipment slot without actually switching the equipment Link is wielding you can transform and even duplicate items. 

The best part is that this glitch allows you to "drop" the Master Sword - which is done by having it as the wielded weapon - and this causes an in-game message to appear that hasn't (to the best of our knowledge) previously been seen. The sword shoots skywards and you are told that "The Master Sword has returned to the forest", but the sword remains in your possession - this could be a possible failsafe feature which was added to the game in a previous build but is now no longer needed.


Just how many other cool glitches are going to be found in this amazing game? Time will tell, but let us know if you've triggered this glitch yourself by posting a comment below.

Thanks to GFD for the tip and the screenshots used above!