A new trailer showcasing the season pass for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has been uploaded to Nintendo's YouTube channel. The expansion gives players the opportunity to discover prequel stories, explore more dungeons, battle in new maps and ascend to new classes. 

Purchasing the season pass grants you access to all DLC packs which include Fledgling Warriors, Undaunted Heroes, Lost Altars, Rise of the Deliverance, and Cipher Companions.  The trailer can be viewed below:

No price for the season pass is given in the trailer, which might not be surprising considering it costs more than the actual game itself in the US at $44.99USD, while in the UK it matches the full title at £39.99.  The full content was detailed in our previous article when the announcement for the season pass was made. 

Will you be purchasing the season pass?

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