The King of Kong

The King of Kong was a standout documentary in 2007, chronicling the intense rivalry that existed between Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, who continuously beat each other’s world record high scores over many years of playing Donkey Kong. One would think that this documentary was enough to cover the story of these two, but there’s been talk of the documentary being adapted into a biopic. Now, it seems that this potential resurrection of the story will actually take shape in a musical format.

Seth Gordon—director of the new Baywatch reboot—will be leading the project, and he briefly spoke about it to IGN, voicing his belief that it would be best suited to a stage as opposed to a screen. Here’s what he said:

I think it lends itself to that - there's such a melodrama, and so many of the characters are actually musicians, and the music of the games, too, is a thing.

While the musical is currently underway, Gordon still shared his thoughts on what the story would look like in a movie format, mentioning that he would like to frame it from a new perspective:

If we were going to do the movie, I'd be open to it, but I always thought it'd be cool to flip the point of view and do it from Billy's perspective, sort of see the whole thing from his point of view. Because at least he believed in his version, very much, so try to see what that'd be like

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