Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman may be famous for playing the role of Wolverine in the popular X-Men series of films, but he revealed himself to be something of a secret Nintendo fan during a recent press trip to Japan to promote the movie Logan.

While waiting at some lights, Jackman (who wasn't driving, we should add) turns his attention to a real-life Mario Kart event taking place on the road. He barely seems able to contain his excitement as he lists the various racers ("Princess Peach! Who is it? Bowser? I can't remember") before the light switches to green and the karts race off down the street, leaving Jackman's car for dust. He urges them on, chanting "Go! Go! Go!" with all the enthusiasm of someone who has been endlessly touring the globe to promote a film for the past few months.

The event spotted by Jackman was arranged by Maricar, which has made headlines recently for less appealing reasons. The company doesn't have the official blessing of Nintendo to use these characters for such activities, and as a result the Kyoto giant is now suing Maricar.

[source kotaku.co.uk]