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The Nintendo Switch has now settled down in a number of homes, though where the hybrid sits is perhaps an interesting reflection of its nature. Does it rest primarily within its dock under the TV with other gadgets and gaming systems, or is it living as a handheld in a case, rather more like a 3DS? Due to its unique form factor either is a perfectly sensible option.

As we've argued before, Switch has an extraordinary opportunity (and predicament at the same time) because it's in a bubble. Remove the Joy-Con and undock the console and you see what it truly is - a tablet, and a pretty nice one at that. It doesn't have social media or streaming apps - yet, hopefully they'll come - but it is basically a very capable and powerful gaming tablet. So it's a hefty gaming portable, but its slim frame and the realities of consumer electronics means it can't offer the raw grunt of dedicated home console boxes. Even if it's theoretically not too far off Xbox One or PS4, it won't get close to PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio. That's not a criticism, just an acknowledgement of reality - it isn't easily categorised due to those Joy-Con and the dock, which is a strength and also potentially a weakness.

Nintendo does promote the hybrid nature of the device, particularly with its play anywhere, anytime focus. It still leans towards describing Switch as a 'home gaming system' too, because it is also actively promoting the New 3DS, 2DS and soon New 2DS XL as dedicated portables. Yet company President Tatsumi Kimishima perhaps indicated - just recently - how the system could be pushed harder as a portable in the future in order to chase Wii-level hardware sales. Citing the "home console video game system that you can take with you on the go" angle he saw a future where houses with families would have multiple Switch systems. That sounds awfully like houses with plenty of 3DS / 2DS systems to us, and parents in our team have pointed out that they'd probably buy their child a more rugged and affordable Switch design further down the road. If such a betting line existed that'd be worth a look for 2019.

In any case, we have some thoughts on the nature of Switch's future in the market, but we want to know how you play and regard the system. Some in our team mostly play on TV, others almost exclusively as a handheld, and this writer now divides playtime roughly halfway in each form. We want to know how you use and play the Switch at the moment.

Let us know, as always, in the poll and comments below.

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