We want more!

Nintendo has gotten off to a great start with the Nintendo Switch, ensuring a steady stream of quality indie games each week to compliment the slightly less rapid release of quality boxed retail games. We've already had delights such as Graceful Explosion Machine, Thumper, Kamiko and Snake Pass, to name but a few.

However, we've heard many anecdotal tales over the past few months from indies who have been left feeling disappointed by their experience with Nintendo's eShop team. A startling number of indies we spoke to claimed to have gotten no reply at all from Nintendo. A recent public example was the developer of A Hat in Time who called Nintendo of America out on their lack of communication.

Whatever the reason was why these emails were overlooked, Nintendo of America's indie lead Damon Baker is keen to address the issue and has offered the following contact details for indies who hope to make the leap over to the Switch eShop:


Of course this doesn't mean that Nintendo want to go back to the bad old days of releasing shovelware on the eShop like what happened on the Wii U eShop; the careful curation policy will still be in effect. But at least indies should be confident of getting a response from the eShop team in North America or Europe moving forward.